Jason Arnopp interviews Jason Goes To Hell star John D LeMay, and meets another couple of his 'relations'...

John D LeMay, Kari Keegan and young Brooke Scher on Saturday, October 22 at Screamfest 2005 It's October 22, 2005. LA's excellent Screamfest event is hosting a Friday The 13th party, in honour of the franchise's 25th year. I've grabbed John D LeMay, who starred in 1994's Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday as the plucky, if rather geeky hero Steven Freeman. Before you know it, we'll be joined by Kari Keegan (Jessica Kimble in the movie) and Brooke Scher (Baby Stephanie!). Let's talk slasher mayhem with John...

Slasherama: Hello Sir! Does Jason Goes To Hell already seem like a lifetime away?
John D LeMay: "It does when I talk to her (points at Brooke Scher)! She played baby Stephanie! Kari carried her around on set, so when I look at Brooke, that movie really does seem like ages ago."

Slasherama: So Brooke, what's your finest memory of your time on the set?
Brooke Scher: "I wish I could remember! I've seen John and Kari holding me in the movie. I'm glad that I was in it. I'm in ninth grade now in Sherman Oaks."

At this point, John calls for the lovely Kari Keegan to come over and pose for the Slasherama picture exclusive which you see here. Kari is then called away somewhere else, but we keep our microphone squarely under John's chin.

Slasherama: Steven Freeman was one of the more quirky Friday heroes, John. How did you feel about getting the role?
Le May: "Well, I was thrilled. I was broke at the time so it was a beautiful lifesaver. I needed it to pay the rent! I hadn't seen any of the Friday films at that point. I love horror movies, but I was more used to the Universal 1930s Scarlet Cinema classics. In fact, I just watched Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein with my 10-year-old, last night. I hadn't really watched many slasher movies, but knew what they were about and - quite honestly - stayed away from them because I didn't think I'd be interested. Slashers aren't for everybody. But I had a blast making Jason Goes To Hell. You had to have a sense of humour while fighting Jason at three in the morning, trying to find ways to hit him with a shovel and stuff like that (laughs). As if that would do any good!"

Slasherama: You had a climbing frame hurled at you as well, didn't you?
Le May: "Ah, you call it a climbing frame? We call that a jungle gym!"

John D LeMay kickin' ass as Steven Freeman in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday Slasherama: That's just ludicrous, Sir!
Le May: "Yeah, it's wacky, huh? 'Climbing frame' makes more sense."

Slasherama: Jason Goes To Hell is one of the series' most gory entries. I was incredibly over-the-top in places.
Le May: "It was? See, I wouldn't know! I didn't see much of the mayhem going on. The stuff I had with Jason was more the hand-to-hand combat scenes. But yeah, when I see the movie... the couple having the stake stuck through them while they're orgasming... That must have been a closed set, I think!"

Slasherama: The scene in which Creighton Duke (Steven Williams) snaps your fingers was plain horrible! Must've been an interesting scene to shoot, hmmmm?
Le May: "Steven's at this party and we just re-enacted the scene upstairs (laughs). It's quite a talked-about scene. We had a lot of fun doing it, because it was pretty campy at the same time. We both enjoyed the campiness."

Slasherama: In the police station, your character does a bizarre jump manoeuvre which enables him to get out of his handcuffs. How would such a move be possible?
Le May: "It's probably not. It's a movie! But I do use it at times, to impress my wife and kids. 'See? Don't mess with Dad, just see what he can do!'."

Slasherama webmaster Jason Arnopp graciously poses for a shot with eager fan John D LeMay. Or something... Slasherama: When was the last time you actually saw the movie?
Le May: "I saw it when it came out DVD, five years ago, maybe. The disc had Adam having a talk about it. I bought it about a year after it came out. Oh yeah, I had to buy it - this town uses you and spits you up (laughs)! Watching it, I had lots of good memories. Rather than go to the film's premiere, I was able to have a nice family reunion up in Minnesota. My cousin rented a theatre up in Minneapolis and we had a preview of the movie for my family. I was sitting next to my aunt and uncle during these slaughter scenes and looking over to see if they were gonna faint or not. But it was fun!"

Slasherama: Good lord. Why have a family screening for such a nasty piece of work?
Le May: "I had a vacation planned: once a year, we go to Minnesota, which was more important. That's where my priorities are, I guess!"

Slasherama: What are you up to at the moment, then?
Le May: "I'm having a great time, running a theatre company in Burbank - a freelance repertory company. I'm also raising two daughters and turning my backyard into an organic garden! That's where I'm at. I'm tearing up the yard."

Thanks to the Screamfest event for inviting us in 2005. We'll be back in 2006, just as YOU should be, sir/madam!

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